A few helpful mechanical tips and tricks to keeping your car running smoothly

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Tip 1: Why it is important to service your vehicle

This is why it’s so important to service your car… I serviced a Kia carnival today as this car was 30,000km overdue for service some 40,000 km plus since the last oil change… I removed the sump and remove the sludge from the lower section of the motor… this motor takes 5.5 Lts of oil, but when I drained the engine only 200ml cane out… This owner was so lucky that the engine never seized from lack of oil… So important to service your car on a regular basis… If your car is due or not sure about when you should service your car… Think of me… Craig Morrison Auto Repairs. Check out these before and after photos!

Tip 2: Like fresh air?

Does your mechanic check your cabin filter? Here at Craig Morrison Auto Repairs, we care for our customers regarding the quality of air coming into the vehicle. Check out these before and after photos!

Tip 3: Why are tyres important

  • The only thing between you and the road

  • The Tyre footpad size between you and the road is the size of a post card

  • Correct tyre pressures is very important for even tyre wear

Tip 4: Why are shock absorbers important


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